Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Need Your Help.....

OK peeps.....

I am doing a private open house that i have done for quite some time.  I am going to do a small make and take project.  Here's the issue......what would you love to create for FREE out of hand-dyed wools.  Something quick, fun and easy!!!!

Thank you so very very much for your assistance, friendship and help!!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011


Really, have you met "Hungry Girl"?  She is my new favorite person on this earth. I have done Weight Watchers, and all kinds of other diets.  And oh....she is affiliated with Weight Watchers.  She has three cookbooks all of which contain great recipes for everyday meals redone and recreated with diet, light and delicious substitutes.  One of the greatest recipes is whole wheat pasta with frozen broccoli with cheese sauce, add a little Laughing Cow Swiss cheese and VIOLA, it was just delish!!  Or a modified version of Rice Krispie squares but made with fiber cereals and only 50 calories,  CAN YOU SAY THAT OMG a bit of chocolate adds a teeny bit of calories but oh so good and filling.  If you haven't seen her, check her out!  It is so worth it!, 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Thank you Cath's Pennies.

Boy do I love her designs.  I have started selling them on my website at Rocking Chair Stitches and have had awesome response to all of her patterns, but most recently her "Bunnies in Spring" was a runaway hit for us and for her  as well.  Great Job Cathy.  I just ordered a kit of the Tulips because the wools she dyes are just so magnificent.  So I did my Bunnies in Spring using a combination of hand-dyed wools and wool felt.  I love this design.  I didn't have enough light when I took this picture so take that into consideration.  It was absolutely so much fun!!  Make sure you get one.

Bring on Fall Pattern

Bring on Fall Pattern
One of our customers favorites. Easy to do!

Autumn Spectacular

Autumn Spectacular
Beautiful pattern for pillow and runner