Monday, February 15, 2010

Just Some Updating

I have been sitting at night and sewing just cuz I need to relax after working all day as a Family Court Paralegal and Divorce Mediator sometimes you just gotta get away and I do it by reading all the wonderful blogs, sewing and watching tv.  No wonder my mind is always racing.  Anyway, wanted to share a few of the items I completed today on my day off.!! 

Aged Traditions - Great Textures with aged homespun.

Full view and close up of extra long Traditions in Black.   A little more economical with the aged and primitive homespun backing.

My goodness I just love this from Cath's Penny Designs.  Thanks so much Awesome

From Penny Lane Primitives called Snow Mittens.  I love others designs as well.

And Penny Sheep from Penny Lane Primitives.

Just a few of the pieces I have been working on.  I had to sew all year for the shows I do in the Summer and Fall.  This year was so busy that I had to give up one of the shops I do to concentrate on designing and getting ready for Fall and Christmas.  Hope you enjoyed them.



  1. Those snow mittens and sheep are just too cute! I love mittens and snowmen as winter decorations, even after Christmas, and who can resist plump woolly sheep? Darling!


  2. Love that sheep candle mat!!


  3. Wonderful pennies. I enjoy making penny rugs, they are easy to sew and very relaxing.


  4. Michelle,
    It was so great to meet you in deerfield. I just love those snow mittens. This might be a hobby I might have to try.


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