Sunday, March 28, 2010

What a fun night with New Moon

Ok ladies, let's be honest....we know it supposedly geared toward teens but us ladies love it too.... :-)  The Twilight Series books are fun and a great quick read.  The movies are just a little icing on that cake.  So one of my closest friends decided to have a Twilight New Moon Dinner party and she decorated with red and roses.  lol Too funny.  We had Bloody Orange drinks, a wonderful pasta crab appetizer from Giada and absolutely sensational chicken parm and pasta.  For dessert we had molten lava cakes and Bloody Red Velvet cupcakes.  Yum Yum.  Then we sat down to watch New Moon and ate parmesan cheese popcorn, homemade with JIFFY POP with LOTS OF YUMMY BUTTER -- not microwavable ...the real deal. lol. 

So my contribution was "Full Moon" Crab Cakes.  Made with a lemon dill sauce and a recipe from none other than ya'll PAULA DEAN.

Here are a few pictures

Preparation of the scallions, red peppers and of course garlic, saute in a little butter. 

 Once that is sauteed fold in the crap meat.  I bought the good stuff for these people...

Shape them into nice full moon shapes and cover them with Panko bread crumbs and fresh just grated pramesan cheese YUMMO

Then refrigerate them for about two hours so that they firm up.

Melt the EVOO and butter

Gently place them in the hot hot pan and let them cook about 3 or 4 minutes on each side.  The smell is just good and mouth watering.  Husband was hoping that just one would fall apart.....ok ok I made sure one did.....He's a good guy.

Alol brown and crunchy on the outside and wonderfully warm and tasty on the inside.

Make a little sause with buttermilk, (I cheated and made my own), may dill and lots of lemon. 

The finished creation with a little garnish of dill and lemon and they were just yummy.

Hmmmm what will I make today.......

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  1. That look absolutely yummy. I have been in the mood for seafood, haven't made chowder and clamcakes in ages.



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