Sunday, August 8, 2010

Missing Italy, Summer Parties and Friends...

I have so much fun reading everyone else's blogs that I never have time to post or update myself .  Anyway, couple of picks of food during our Italian vacation, summer party yesterday with all my friends and off to another today.  Hmmm,,  sewing.  I gotta do it.  How about you.  Are you sewing today??

Yum, but can you guess what it is????

Palette Refresh
Different...Rosemary Ice.  Delicious

Flakiest phyllo I have ever eaten, and inside. Oh my goodness
clams and mussels in a most delicious sauce

I hated to leave and want to go back so bad.  Soon soon.

Yesterday was party day and just a few friends stopped by for some yummy desserts and a yummy pulled pork from the Neelys....YUM

A delish peanut butter easy. 
Chocolate Cake broken up
Cool Whip
and Peanut Butter sauce....1 cup peanut butter, 1 cup half and half and 1 tsp cinammon.  Heat and stir constantly pour onto layers while warm.  Yum

Ok off to another party and to sew some canes and help my new employee create a masterpiece...



  1. I'll have to bake a cake later this week so my grandson and I can make that dessert. He loves anything with peanut butter on it! Thanks Michelle!

  2. Ok enough withthe food pictures....I'm getting fat looking at them.......OK love the employee????????

  3. Looks like maybe octopus??? Cake looks great!
    Have a great day!!


  4. It is too hot to sew heavy things, so working on small pieces.
    Those foods look good and partying and staying cool is about the best way to spend this summer.


  5. The cake, it's is simply amazing - "Yum" would be an understatement!! And that pattern...


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