Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's A New Year Approaching - What Are You Grateful For?

As I reflect on 2009 I see that I have so much to be grateful for.  I had the great pleasure of being introduced to many new people, some of whom I know will be lifelong friendships.  My wish for the new decade is that I will have time to spend with each and everyone of those people in my life that are important to me.  My parents, although both having had a difficult year are getting ready to take yet another winter trip to Sanibel Island and I am grateful that are still able to do that.  I am grateful for those friends I can truly count on one hand.  You know that ones that will stand by you at any cost.  I am fortunate to have that in my life.  I am extremely blessed to have participated in many wonderful shows this past year and won another Best of Show in Deerfield, Massachusetts.  My wish is to be able to expand this year into the Pennsylvania area.  I hope that I am able to slow down, appreciate each day and smile, everyday.


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What do you win do you say??
Well, one of these wintery lighted snowman hand made here a Rocking Chair Stitches. 

So here's hoping your New Year starts off a winner!!


  1. Michelle,
    Happy New Year girl! I truly hope it is a good one! And when you are counting your friends on one hand I hope I am one of them...I am GRATEFUL for my friends and family,my WISH for 2010 is PEACE, I am a follower....I think I am on your mailing pick me in your give away!!! LOL

  2. Hi,
    this has been a hard year I lost both of my parents this year. My mom had MS and was completely bedridden and died april 1st and then my dad couldn't live without her and passed away on Sept. 2nd. So I guess I am grateful that I was there with her the first part of year helping her and just be able to sit and talk to her when she was in so much pain I remember her grabbing my hand and rubbing it against her cheek and smiling. And being there for my dad, taking him meals and to doctors appointment. So be grateful for your parents and spend as much time as you can with them, you never know. Sorry this is long post, you never know what you have until you lose it.

  3. Happy New Year! We meet so many wonderful people through the internet, and many of them have severe health issues that we are not always aware of since we don't meet them in person. It has made me very grateful for my good health. My occasional aches are so trivial compared to many. I am also grateful that I was able to spend some wonderful days with my Dad before he passed away a couple months ago. Moments can be precious and I'm grateful for time spent with loved ones.

    My wish for the coming year is for people who are alone and struggling. My wish is that they find resources to get back on their feet and find love and friendship in the process.
    I am on your mailing list, and am already a follower. Yup...another member of your fan club!

  4. I am thankful for my family. This year I would love to have better health and for world peace. I am signing up now as a follower. I love this giveaway. Hugs, Linda

  5. Hello 1st thank you for entering my giveaway
    I am grateful for many the many blessings the good Lord has given me. Family being the 1st of these.
    I wish for in the year of 2010 that everyone that is struggling in this world find some kind of relief.
    I am a follower now glad to find your blog, I love the lone snowman on your post. I will jump over and sign up for your mailing list. And I am adding this to my blog.

  6. What a wonderful giveaway.
    I would love to be entered.
    What am I grateful for???
    Well, I am grateful for each and every day I am given. For all the wonderful people who fill them. I grateful for all many blessings God continues to pour upon me. I am pretty much grateful for everything. :)

    My wish for 2010...
    Guidance for the leaders of the world.
    That the people of the world would learn to live in Faith and Love, rather than Fear & Anger.


  7. I would love to be entered in your giveaway!
    I am now a new follower.
    I will post this giveaway on my blog, too.

    I am grateful that I have a roof over my head, food in my tummy and family to share it all!

    My wish would be that EVERYONE could be just as grateful for what they have.

  8. Hi! I'm a new follower and would love to be entered in your giveaway! And I am going now to sign up for your mailing list! What am I thankful for? Well, let's see ~ my family, my job, my health, my new puppy (lol), just everything! I am so blessed! My wish for the new decade? That people could appreciate the differences that make us all individuals, peace, and taking the time to appreciate all the little things that are so important!

  9. I see that I entered in the wrong post...I am now a follower!! ;o)
    I am now off to sign up for your mailing list!
    Besides being thankful for good health, a wonderful husband, three gorgeous daughters and two perfect dogs I am thankful for blogging about quilting and wool!! Love it! My wish is to complete the Wool Crazy Quilt this winter...took the author 2 years...can it be done? We shall see....
    Now must hurry over and get on your mailing list! Take care!

  10. Hi, I'm grateful for my friends and family, and that we are all in good health. I also signed up for your newsletter, thanks for the chance to win. sharon

  11. I am now on your mailing list- thanks for the 5 extra entries!! I'm glad that you have it fixed!
    Take care!


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