Saturday, December 5, 2009

Starting to decorate and even in the snow!

This is New England and really wait a minute and the weather will change.  The day before yesterday is was record setting temps in the 70's and tonight....SNOW.  Oh it's great though, put me right in the mood to decorate the house.  Wanted to show you a few pictures of the beginning stages.

Getting there.....I hope

Santa and his pointsettia's

Front Entryway


Kitchen hutch

More tomorrow as we progress.

Thank you to my Mozo for all your creative expertise.


  1. Where did you get the tall skinny tree?
    I need one of those, no room for my big one.


  2. You mean the one with the Pointsettia's on it and the big candy cane? If you did, try any primitive gift shop. Usually they are the only ones who have them, that's where I got mine Debbie.


  3. Are those horns or antlers....????????????LOL!!! My house looked the same last week!


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